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About Olivia Yao Jewelery Materials

Q. Can I shower with the jewelery piece on?
Unless your jewelry is made of solid K gold or solid K gold embedded with real diamonds, we do not recommend wearing it in the shower.
There are a couple of concerns:
1. No matter how thick the surface of the item may be, if you're using exfoliating or brightening body wash, or if you're used to use bath sponges, the metal surface of K-gold filled wire or electroplating would wear off gradually, and the repeated soaking in wet condition and exposure to air, are also likely to cause oxidization of the exposed interior, making the item dull of its luster and fragile, easy to break.
2. In addition to concerns regarding the metal surface, many of OYJ designs are inlaid with gemstones, and the resistence of each gemstone is different. The less the resistence, the more susceptible it is to discoloration, due to contacts with dye, pigments, oil and moisture, and infiltration of impurities into the cracks, and at that time, it would be impossible to restore the piece to its original state.
3. There are tiny cracks in the jewelry piece that are hard to see with naked eyes, and soap bubbles, soap threads and other substances may be stuck in the gemstone during the shower, and it would be relatively difficult to clean the piece by yourself by then.
Q. Will plating fade easily?
Most of OYJ's jewelry are made of premium brass plated with thick 18K solid gold or finely plated with 925 sterling silver, and depending on the design, we would add an extra protective layer over the plating surface. Following our recommendation and maintenance instructions, cleaning the items with soft cloth can quickly restore its luster, and avoid discoloration and oxidation.
Gradual oxidation or discoloration is normal due to wearing over time. OYJ provides lifetime maintenance service, hence you can send your jewelry pieces back to us for refurbishment and re-plating. Please click here to learn more about metal maintenance recommendations.

Q. Why did the piece turn black after a couple of months of not wearing it?


To avoid the jewelery piece from oxidation, please keep the it sealed in a container when not wearing it. The best choice would be to use a zip bag, keeping the piece from constant exposure to air. That said, metal oxidation is a normal phenomenon, but the degree and speed of oxidation also varies. If kept properly, sealed in a zip bag when not wearing it, it would look brand-new as it was. To clean your jewelry piece, please use a soft cotton cloth, soak it with clean water, gently wipe the piece with the cloth and keep it in a dry, cool environment. For more maintenance tips, please check out our Jewelry Doctor Should you need cleaning and maintenance services, please contact us at anytime. (You can also bring it directly to our storefront or send it to the studio.)

Order Tracking and Return Policy

Q. Will I be notified when the item ships?
When the order status is changed to [Completed], it means it is sent for shipment!
You can check the delivery status by entering your [shipment tracking number] in the delivery service system [shipping tracking URL].
Q. I want to receive the package before X date, can you make it in time?
OYJ jewellery are usually customized made-to-order pieces, hence please note that there will be production time before final shipment. As the production time and preparation of each jewelry piece varies, if there is an urgent need, please contact our customer service before placing your order, and we will advise on the situation and make adjustments according to your requests.
Since all pieces are customized products, the shipment schedule also varies according to the production needs, please refer to the following production timeframe requirements.
• Merchandise Repair: 40-45 working days from every other Monday
• Adjustment  order: 25 working days from every other Monday
• Custom-Made Precious Jewelry Pieces: 25 working days from every other Monday
• Urgent Order: 3-5 working days from every other Monday
For detailed order and shipping guidelines, please refer to "Customized Repair and Shipping Charges

Customization: Size and Design

Q. How do I know what length of the necklace I should wear?

If you're used to wearing necklaces, you can measure the chain of your item directly. Common necklace chain lengths by OYJ are 16 and 18 inches. (16 inches is approximately 40cm, 18 inches is around 45 cm) Please mind the product specifications when placing the order. If you require customization, you can contact us via the Q&A section of the Member Center in advance.


Q. The actual item looks different from the model shown in the pictures.

Jewelry is an accessory of different faces, and the appearnace may vary due to individual attributes (skin color, height, weight, etc.). Even two people with identiclal weight and height may demonstrate different postures, and subsequently different ring sizes. If you're ordering through the official website, we have a 7-day return and exchange policy. Please try on the actual item to see how it fits.


Q. The color looks different from how it's shown on the screen.

The display specifications and conditions of each device are different, hence there might be slight color variances.

Customization Questions

Q. Can you replace the gemstones of the item?
In most cases, we can accommodate such customized request if the gemstones are of the same size. However, there may be a price difference due to diferrent materials. Please see Customization section for further details.
Q. The specification I want is not on the list. Can I order XX size?
While products shown on OYJ official websites are mostly of standard speficications, we also provide recommendations on design, technicality and materials for customization and remodeling of specific items. Should you have such requests and inquiries, please leave us a message in the QA session in Member Center in advance.
Q. I don't have pierced ears, but I really want to wear your pieces. Can you change the earings into clip-ons?
OYJ provide adjustment from pierced to clip-ons for some earing items. Please see our clip-on selection in Wearing Reminder section to browse different styles. Should you wish to see the full selection, please click here.
In addition, we also provide exclusive services for OYJ member, that as you purchase pierced earings, we would send you a earing converter (to clip-ons) for free. Should you purchase the item via our website, please add a note in the comment section in your order receipt to indicate such request.
However, we would ultimately recommend pierced earings for the long run. After all there are so many beautiful designs in the world, and it couldn't be more convenient to wear them with easy, pierced earring style.

Gifts and Packaging

Q. I have a budget of X (NTD) for gifts. Can you recommend suitable products within this price range?
Sure thing. It is also one of our exclusive OYJ services to help you pick out the most fitting gifts from our jewellery collections.
Q. Is there any special wrapping or packaging for gifts?
Should you need gift wrapping for your purchase, we have a special add-on option at the checkout page, where you can choose gift wrapping with a giftbox, ribbon, and a gold hot foil stamped gift card.