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About Products and Materials

Q. Can I shower with the jewellery piece on ?
Unless your jewellery is made of solid K gold with no gemstones attached, we do not recommend wearing it in the shower.
There are a couple of concerns:
1. The use of exfoliating or whitening ingredients in bathing products, or scrubbing with a sponge, can lead to surface abrasion and loss of luster on K-gold filled or electroplated metals. Additionally, repeated soaking and exposure to air can result in internal oxidation and fragility, causing your jewellery to become dull and prone to breakage.
2. In addition to concerns regarding the metal surface, many of OYJ designs are inlaid with gemstones. Each gemstone has a different hardness. The lower the hardness, the easier it is for dyes, pigments, oils, moisture, and impurities to penetrate into the cracks, leading to changes in color. At this point, it is impossible to restore them to their original state.
3. Some jewelry has tiny, hard-to-see gaps where soap and other substances may get trapped during bathing, making self-cleaning relatively difficult.
4. Many delicate designs may be damaged due to friction during bathing or accidental pulling.
Q. Will plating fade easily ?
Most of OYJ's jewellery are made of premium brass plated with thick 18K solid gold or finely plated with sterling silver. Depending on the design, we would add an extra protective layer over the plating surface. With proper wearing habits and maintenance routines, it is less prone to rapid discoloration or oxidation. A quick wipe with a soft cloth can promptly restore its brightness.
Gradual oxidation or discoloration is normal due to wearing over time. OYJ provides lifetime maintenance service, hence you can send your jewellery pieces back to us for refurbishment and re-plating. Please click here to learn more about metal maintenance recommendations.
If you expect to wear your jewellery every day, even during showers and sleep without taking it off, we recommend purchasing from our pure K gold collection.


Q. Why does it turn black even though it's not worn ?


The primary culprits for causing metal discoloration are moisture and airborne pollutants. Store your jewellery in a sealed container to avoid continuous exposure to air and oxidation. Keeping them dry in a ziplock bag is the key to maintaining the longevity of your jewellery.


That said, metal oxidation is a normal phenomenon, but the degree and speed of oxidation also varies. Gold and platinum are the most stable precious metals, with very slow oxidation reactions. 18K gold, which is mixed with precious metals, also possesses slow oxidation and non-discoloration properties, along with high hardness, making it the most suitable metal material for jewellery design.


For more maintenance tips, please click here .



Q. How long does it take for repairs/bespoke ?


Bespoke and repair orders are processed based on the sequence of receipt across all channels. Additionally, different situations may require varied production or repair procedures. We value the process of each product and appreciate your patience.


• Product repairment:40-45 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Bespoke products:25 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Bespoke fine jewellery:30-40 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Urgent order:3-5 working days, starting from every other Monday.


Order Tracking and Return Policy

Q. Are international shipping services available ?
Yes, we do. For information regarding international shipping regulations and fees, please click here.
Q. What payment options are available ?
We accept the following payment options: VISA, MasterCard. Through the PayPal payment interface, you can also use American Express and UnionPay.
Q. How can I change my order details after ordering ?
Please log into the official website's order system and message us the details you wish to change. We are happy to assist with order modifications before your package is shipped. If the package has already been dispatched, we kindly ask you to follow the Return and Refund policy after receiving it.
Q. Will I be notified when the item ships ?

You can opt-in for Facebook Messenger notifications during checkout. Additionally, you'll receive an automated shipping notification when the order is dispatched. Alternatively, you can log into your account to check the status. When the status changes to [Completed] it indicates that we've shipped your order!


Click here to log in.


You can check the delivery status by entering your [shipment tracking number] in the delivery service system [shipping tracking URL].
Q. I want to receive the package before X date, can you make it in time ?
Stock items are typically shipped within 1-2 working days after placing an order. However, each piece of jewellery is handcrafted in small quantities, and the time for work and material preparation varies, we recommend inquiring in advance if you have a specific delivery date requirement.
• Product repairment:40-45 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Bespoke products:25 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Bespoke fine jewellery:30-40 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Urgent order:3-5 working days, starting from every other Monday.
For detailed order and shipping guidelines, please refer to Bespoked Repair and Shipping Charges.

Bespoke: Size and Design


Q. How do I know what length of the necklace I should wear ?


If you're used to wearing necklaces, you can measure the chain of your item directly.

Common necklace chain lengths by OYJ are 16 and 18 inches. (16 inches is approximately 40cm, 18 inches is around 45 cm) Please mind the product specifications when placing the order.

If you require customization, you can contact us via the Q&A section of the Member Center in advance.



Q. How do I know my ring size ?


Regarding ring size measurement, we have incredibly detailed instructions. Please click here !


Bespoke Questions

Q. Can you replace the gemstones of the item ?
In most cases, we can accommodate such customized request if the gemstones are of the same size. However, there may be a price difference due to different materials. Please see Customization section for more details.
Q. What if the size I want is not available on the official website ?
While products shown on OYJ official websites are mostly of standard specifications, we also provide recommendations on design, technicality and materials for customization and remodeling of specific items. If  you have such requests and inquiries, please leave us a message in the QA session in Member Center in advance.
Q. I don't have pierced ears, but I really want to wear your pieces. Can you change the earrings into clip-ons ?
OYJ provide adjustment from pierced to clip-ons for particular style earring items. Please see our clip-on selection in Wearing Reminder section to browse different styles. Should you wish to see the full selection, please click here.
In addition, we also provide exclusive services for OYJ member, that as you purchase pierced earrings, we would send you an earring converter (to clip-ons) for free. No matter you purchase the item via our website, please add a note in the comment section in your order receipt to indicate such request.
However, we would ultimately recommend pierced earrings for the long run. After all there are so many beautiful designs in the world, and it couldn't be more convenient to wear them with easy, pierced earring style.

Gifts and Packaging

Q. Can you help me write a card when shipping ?
Absolutely! When placing your order, please select the gift wrapping option, which includes a tote bag, branded paper box, ribbon, and a small card. You can leave a message in the order notes with the content you'd like to be written on the card, and we'll do our best to elegantly pen your wishes.
Q. I have a budget of X (NTD) for gifts. Can you recommend suitable products within this price range ?
Of course. It is also one of our exclusive OYJ services to help you pick out the most fitting gifts from our jewellery collections.
Q. Is there any special wrapping or packaging for gifts ?
Should you need gift wrapping for your purchase, we have a special add-on option at the checkout page, when placing your order, please select the gift wrapping option, including gift wrapping with a giftbox, ribbon, and a gold hot foil stamped card.





Q. Can non-Olivia Yao Jewellery items be repaired or maintained ?


Generally, we do not provide maintenance or repair services for products from other brands. We only offer repair suggestions.



Q. Why does the jewelry look different on the model in the outfit photos ?


Jewellery is a subtle accessory, and how it looks when worn can vary greatly depending on individual body differences such as skin tone, height, weight, etc. Even two people with the same height and weight conditions, differences in bone structure can result in different ring sizes.


If you order through the official website, we offer a 7-day trial period for returns and exchanges, so please prioritize measurements of the actual product.



Q. Will there be color differences compared to what's seen on the screen ?


Due to variations in display specifications and conditions for each device, there may be color differences in product photos depending on the device used. This is considered a normal occurrence.