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Customization Service

Personal Customized Customized Notice

1. Official websites are mainly selling standard products. According to the design, techniques, and materials of each different style, different customized suggestions will be provided.

2. For customized orders, please leave a message in the member center, we will reply to you after a careful evaluation. Customized order usually takes longer workdays.

3. No return on customized products.

Jewellery Engraving 

❍ How to order  

1. For engraving styles please refer to the customized engraving products. The limit of characters will be determined by the specifications of the jewellery style. Each order charges NT$ 500.

2. No changes after the order is placed. Please make sure about the customized characters before placing an order.

3. Due to different designs, materials, and techniques, engraving service is not available for general products. Any special requirements please inquire in advance.

Size Ring

1. For ring size measurement please check this page. It is recommended to measure at room temperature in the evening every day.

2. It is better to choose a less tight chainring. Finger circumference will be slightly different during summer and winter.


1. The standard necklace length is 16 or 18 inches. The longer necklace style is 20 or 30 inches.

2. Certain styles are open for chain extension inquiry. There will be different quotations customized according to the material.


1. Standard bracelet lengths are 6.5 and 7 inches.

2. Certain styles are open for chain extension by request. Additional fees may be incurred.


1. The size of the original metal designs cannot be customized due to different production principles for chains.

2. General length of the ear pin is 11 mm, and it can be modified by request. Additional fees may be incurred.


❍ Electroplating Products ❍

Regular electroplating products have 3 customized metallic colors to choose from: gold, rose gold, and silver. Please inquire in advance.

❍ Changing Metal ❍

If you wish to replace the original metal with pure K gold, 14K alloy, platinum, sterling silver, medical steel, etc., please inquire first. Different designs will have different quotations.


❍ Changing Gemstones ❍

Due to the difference in gemstone sizes and cutting shapes, if customers wish to change to a different style, please inquire first. Different gemstones will have different quotations.

Customization Service

❍ Order Process 

1. Please send your customized requirements and contact info to info@oliviayao.com or make an appointment for a salon visit. We will contact you within a week.

2. We will arrange a face-to-face or telephone interview to further understand your customized requirements, budget, and time plan.

3. Advance deposit of NT$ 3,000 is required.

4. Designer will provide 1-3 design drafts to discuss with you within 2 weeks.

5. Another face-to-face or telephone interview to check if modification is required. (The quotation includes two modifications, additional charges will apply on the third modification.)

6. Once the design draft is confirmed, we will provide a working drawing and a quotation.

7. Once the production starts, 50% payment of the quotation is required. Production time takes about 4-6 weeks.

8. After the final payment is made, you can make an appointment for a fitting. (The advance deposit of NT$ 3,000 will be deducted directly from the final payment.)