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▎Member Exclusive Online Gift


1. Register as a new member and earn 300 shopping credits. The credits are valid for 7 days.


2. 1 shopping credit is equivalent to NT$ 1.


3. For copper card, silver card, and gold card members, each order over NT$ 3,500 earn 100 credits. For emerald card, sapphire card members, each order over NT$ 5,000 earns 200 credits. Shopping credits earned can not be accumulated within the order amount. Shopping credits are valid for 6 months.


4. Shopping credits can only be used on the official website, it can not apply to certain products and exclusive promotion products. The discount is up to 5% of the total amount on each order.


5. Members with silver card or above (including silver card) enjoy 5% off in physical stores.


6. If the order is canceled or completes the return process, the credits earned will be deducted from the order. If a customer does not have enough balance in the account, after deducting the earned credits, the difference will be deducted from the refund.


7. The validity of shopping credits is different according to each promotion. Please check the description on each promotion page.


8. Members will receive birthday credits on their birthdays. Copper cards and silver cards members earn 200 credits. Gold card members earn 300 credits. Emerald card members earn 400 credits. Sapphire card members earn 600 credits. All birthday credits are valid for 1 month.


9. All shopping credits are non-transferable. Credits from different accounts cannot be combined, nor can it be redeemed for cash or exchanged into other gifts or items.


10. OYJ reserves the right to change, revise or terminate all the shopping credits regulations. Any changes will be announced on the website without further notice.


11. If you choose to ship your purchase to a convenience store, yet fail to pickup your order within the collection period, the package will be returned to us, any shopping credits used for the purchase will not be refunded.
12. Shopping credits issued at different time will have different expire dates. Please kindly check the amount, the due dates and the status of your credits in our membership center.
13. Some sales items, loose gems and accessories are not eligible for shopping credit redemption, please kindly check the redeemable credit amount at your shopping cart page.
How do I redeem the shopping credits?
1. For OYJ members, the system will automatically fill in the redeemable shopping credit and deduct it from your total purchase amount when you check out at the shopping cart page.
You can also modify the amount you want to redeem at the check-out. The deduction limit is 5% of the total amount of a single purchase.
2. The shopping credit is restricted to products that are not on sale, and cannot be used on products with exclusive promotions.
3. Should you be a member of OYJ official website, your shopping credit from participating in promotion campaign will be immediately authorized when you complete the purchase and the order status showing "payment completed."
4. Should you be a member of OYJ official website, your shopping credit from fan-exclusive campaign will be authorized according to the campaign details.
5. Expired shopping credits will not be reissued.
How do I check my shopping credit status?
1. Please kindly login to our Membership Center on the official OYJ website where you can check your shopping credit balance and expiration date.
What happens to earned shopping credits after the order is cancelled or returned?
1. If the purchase is cancelled prior to shipment, the system will automatically reinstate the shopping credit to your member account after the cancellation is confirmed.
2. If the purchase is returned, we will reinstate the shopping credit to your member account after we received the returned item and completed the return process.