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About Metal

Notice of Use

1. Whether it is sterling silver, K alloy, or electroplating, all metals may be oxidized and the oxidation rate is different due to different environments, wearing conditions, and properties of metals.

2. Every individual has a unique body constitution. If you have previous experience of skin discomfort caused by metal, please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider for any skin-related or medical conditions prior to purchasing.

3. Long-term exposure to a humid environment, polluted air, contact with body sweat, perfume, skincare, and exfoliating products, will accelerate the rate of oxidation or fall-offs of electroplating. As a result, the surface will lose its original brightness and cause discoloration and fogging. All jewellery is not recommended to be worn for bathing, swimming, sports, and hot springs for a long time.

4. Jewellery oxidation is normal for metals. When cleaning, please wipe with a moist cotton cloth. Keep the jewellery dry and store it in a cool place. When not wearing, please store the jewellery in a zipper bag to prevent oxidation caused by continuous contact with the air.

5. Do not pull, shake, or press your jewellery, nor rub it with any sharp objects. Although metals are flexible, too many times bending and folding will cause metal fatigue, which will result in a considerable level of worn-off, deformation, and damage.

6. We provide a lifetime maintenance service. When you need repair and maintenance services, it is not recommended to handle them by yourself, please contact our studio, stores, or other sales channels directly to seek professional assistance.

❍ Basic Knowledge 

The common jewellery designs at OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY are 18K gold plated brass or fine sterling silver. Certain OYJ jewellery is plated with a protection layer. Under correct wearing habits and caring steps, it will not fade or oxidize easily. Wipe with a soft cloth from time to time, it can quickly help to return its shine.

❍ Notice of Use 

1. Please follow sterling silver maintenance steps to take care of high-quality sterling silver.

2. Since the storage environment and the difference in individual conditions might accelerate oxidation or fading, it is not recommended to wear for a long time in bathing, swimming, sports, hot springs, or in contact with chemical dissolutions.

3. Please wipe with a moist soft cloth when necessary, do not use silver polish cloth, silver cleaner, silver cleaner cream and etc, it might peel off the plated layer.

❍ Basic Knowledge 

The technique of K Alloy is to synthesize 14K gold on the surface of copper-gold alloy by high pressure, instead of thick electroplating. The production process is fundamentally different from general electroplating jewellery. Unlike gold plating, which is chemically stacked with loose gold ions on the metal surface, it wraps 14K gold on the outer layer of the alloy physically.

Jewellery made this way, presents the quality, luster, and oxidation resistance the same as the pure 14K gold, yet it can be purchased at an affordable price. Jewellery made from K-alloy is also suitable for those who are allergic to electroplating or metal.

OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY uses 14K alloy imported from Europe, in compliance with the specification of European legal 14K alloy (14K GF), pure 14K gold accounts for 1/10 of the total gold weight.

❍ Notice of Use 

If worn and care for properly 14K filled gold will not fade or oxidize easily. If you use exfoliating products, bath sponges, and other items to rub, chances are high that the surface of 14K gold will fade off gradually, and the copper-gold alloy exposed will cause oxidation.

❍ Basic Knowledge 

925 Sterling silver is 925/1000 silver (92.5%). To enhance the hardness and luster of silver jewelry, about 7.5% copper is added. Olivia Yao Jewellery uses 925 silver in compliance with the Sterling Silver alloy specification.

❍ Notice of Use 

1. Pure silver accessories will turn yellowish when it is not been worn in a long time. When wearing silver accessories, do not go near hot springs. Because silver will quickly turn black when it is in contact with sulfur.

2. When not wearing, please wipe the surface with a cotton cloth or tissue, to remove water and dirt. Store it in a sealed bag or container to avoid contact with the air.

❍ Basic Knowledge 

Among three precious metals of gold, silver, and platinum, platinum is the rarest and most precious and is mostly used in the customization of wedding rings. Unlike silver, platinum is less prone to chemical changes and is resistant to corrosion.

Therefore, it is less likely to lose its metallic luster due to oxidation when expose to the air. Metalsmithing with platinum is not easy due to its high density and high hardness and the design style is limited as well.  Jewellery brands often use 18K gold and platinum to replace real platinum materials, in order to create intricate jewellery designs. It is important to understand that 18K platinum is not pure platinum prior to purchasing.

❍ Notice of Use 

Pure platinum gold is less prone to oxidation and deformation. Easy to maintain. If cleaning is needed, simply wipe with a soft moist cloth.