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Materials - Metal Care

Notice of Use

1. Whether it's sterling silver, K alloy or electroplated metal, all metals can undergo oxidation. The rate of oxidation varies depending on the environment, wearing conditions, and the characteristics of the metal.

2. If you've experienced skin-related issues with metal in the past, we recommend consulting a qualified healthcare provider before making a purchase.

3. Continuous exposure to humid environments, polluted air, sweat, perfume, skincare products and exfoliating products can accelerate metal oxidation or cause electroplating to peel off. This leads to the surface losing its original shine and developing discoloration or a cloudy appearance. It is advisable not to wear jewellery for prolonged periods during activities such as bathing, swimming, exercising or soaking in hot springs.

4. It's normal for jewellery to undergo oxidation over time. For cleaning, dampen a cotton cloth with water and gently wipe the jewellery. Ensure the jewellery is kept dry and stored in a cool, dry place. When not being worn, store the jewellery in a ziplock bag to prevent prolonged exposure to air and oxidation.

5. Handle your jewellery with care, protect them from impact against hard and abrasive surfaces. Although metals are flexible, excessive bending will cause metal to deform and eventually break.

6. We provide a lifetime maintenance service. If maintenance or repair is required, we advise against handling it yourself. Please seek professional assistance directly from our storesPlease click here for more information.





Electroplated jewellery


❍ Basic Knowledge 

Common jewellery designs from OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY are made from high-grade brass with a thick 18k gold plating or finely plated sterling silver. Most OYJ jewellery pieces are coated with a protective layer, making them less susceptible to fading or oxidation when worn and cared for correctly. Simply wipe with a soft cloth to restore their shine quickly.

❍ Notice of Use 

1. For finely plated sterling silver, please adhere to the maintenance guidelines for sterling silver jewellery.

2. Due to environmental conditions and individual body chemistry, oxidation or color fading may still occur. It is not advisable to wear jewellery for prolonged periods during activities such as bathing, swimming, exercising, soaking in hot springs, or coming into contact with chemical solvents.

3. When cleaning is required, use a soft, damp cloth for wiping. Avoid using silver polishing cloths, silver wash, or silver cleaner, as they may cause the electroplating layer to peel off.





14K Filled Gold


❍ Basic Knowledge 

The technique of K Alloy is to synthesize 14K gold on the surface of copper-gold alloy by high pressure, instead of thick electroplating. The production process is fundamentally different from general electroplating jewellery. Unlike gold plating, which involves chemically depositing loosely bound gold ions onto the metal surface, K alloy physically compresses 14K gold onto the outer layer of the alloy.

Jewellery crafted in this manner offers the same texture, luster, and oxidation resistance as pure 14K gold, but at a much more accessible price point. Pieces made from K alloy are also suitable for individuals with allergies to conventional electroplating or metals.

The 14K alloy used by OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY is imported from Europe and meets the specifications of European legal standards for 14K alloy (14K GF), with pure 14K gold comprising 1/10 of the total gold weight.

❍ Notice of Use 

When worn correctly and maintained properly, 14K alloy should not fade or oxidize easily. However, using exfoliating products, bathing sponges, or similar items may gradually wear off the surface 14K gold, exposing the copper-gold alloy underneath, which can lead to oxidation.




925 Sterling Silver


❍ Basic Knowledge 

925 Sterling silver is 925/1000 silver (92.5%). To enhance the hardness and luster of silver jewelry, about 7.5% copper is added. OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY uses 925 silver in compliance with the Sterling Silver alloy specification.

❍ Notice of Use 

1. Sterling silver jewellery will turn yellow when left unworn for an extended period and exposed to air. It will quickly turn black when exposed to chemicals containing sulfur. Therefore, when wearing silver jewelry, avoid exposure to hot springs.

2. When jewelry is not being worn, you can use a cotton cloth or tissue to gently wipe the surface to remove moisture and dirt. Store it in a sealed bag or box to prevent exposure to air.






❍ Basic Knowledge 

Common k gold varieties include 10K, 14K, and 18K, with 10K and 14K being considered lower carat gold commonly found in fine jewellery brands of Japanese origin.

Fine jewellery is often made from high carat 18K gold, also known as 750 gold. There are three common colors of 18K gold: 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, and 18K white gold. These are created by mixing 999 pure gold with other metals in a ratio of 750 parts per thousand. 18K gold is durable and resistant to chemical changes due to its high stability, making it less prone to losing its luster when exposed to air.


❍ Notice of Use 

Pure K gold is resistant to oxidation and deformation, making maintenance easy. If cleaning is required, simply wipe it with a damp soft cloth.