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Maintence Instructions

With proper care and handling, your jewellery will remain its beauty and last a lifetime. If repairs or fit alterations are needed, please follow the steps outlined below.





1. Please bring your jewellery along with the warranty card to any of our stores. Our specialist will conduct an initial assessment on-site. Please note that there may be charges for certain repairs, which will be collected at the store.

2. If you are unable to visit our stores, please contact us via our official Facebook page or the messaging system on our shopping platform before sending your item for repair. Please include the following information along with your item. You can find our standard form here. Please include this form in your package for efficient processing. Our aim is to process returns within 3 business days upon receipt, though it may take longer during peak periods.


Information required for mailing the item:

- Name :
- Phone number :
- Contact information communicated prior to sending out [A. FB / B. Official website backend / C. Consultant's name] :
- Service requested [A. Maintenance / B. Repair]  :
- Brief description of the jewellery's condition :
- Current photos of the jewellery (must be clear)


3. The cost and time for each jewellery repair may vary. Our specialist will assess and provide you with an estimated completion time and cost quotation. (execution starts after the completion of payment and the receipt of the jewellery.)

4. Please refer to the repair fees chart below. Some items may not be eligible for re-plating due to technical issues with gemstone setting.




18K Gold、 14K Filled Gold、Sterling Silver 

Clean the metal surface with a silver polishing cloth. For heavy oxidation, soak it in silver wash for 3-10 seconds and rinse thoroughly with water. Store in a sealed bag after drying. It is not recommended to clean inlaid gemstones with silver cleaner water. This is to avoid damage to the gemstones. Please seek professional help from the OYJ jewellery specialist.


Attention ⛔️ Please avoid wearing silver jewellery in hot springs or humid environments.

Electroplating Jewellery 

Wipe with a damp soft cloth and store it in a sealed bag after drying. To remove the obvious oxidation on the surface, it can be gently wiped off with a silver polish cloth. If the electroplating layer peels off from the surface, it can be re-plated by OYJ.


Attention ⛔️ Please avoid contact with alcohol, silver cleaner water, silver polish cream, soap, hot springs and seawater.





  Pearl / Opal / Moonstone / Calcite 


If stained, simply wipe with a soft damp cloth and store it in a zipper bag after drying. This type of jewellery is low in Mohs hardness semi-precious gemstones, therefore the surface can be easily scratched or damaged. If this happens, gemstones can not be repaired.


Attention ⛔️ Please be advised not to expose it to sunlight for extended periods and avoid contact with perfume, alcohol, silver cleaning solutions, silver polishing creams, soap, grease, seawater, hot springs and swimming pools.


  Semi-Precious Gemstones 


Usually, semi-precious gemstones do not require special care. If stained, wipe with a soft damp cotton cloth and store it in a zipper bag after drying.


Attention ⛔️ Please be advised not to expose it to sunlight for extended periods and avoid contact with perfume, alcohol, silver cleaner water, silver polish cream and grease.





1. Can non-Olivia Yao Jewellery items be repaired or maintained ?


In general, we do not offer maintenance and repair services for products from other brands. We only provide repair suggestions. If repair services are required, the cost will be quoted based on the designer's custom method.



2. Why does the repair process take so long ?


Repairs are carried out in the order received across all channels. Additionally, different types of damage require complex and essential repair procedures. We value the craftsmanship and repair of each product, so rush orders are not possible. We appreciate your understanding.



3. How can I purchase jewellery maintenance tools ?


You can shop jewellery care essentials on the OYJ official website. We also offer other jewellery storage peripherals.