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Purchase Information


   Membership & Shopping Reward Points  


We continuously reward our loyal members by offering feedback incentives. Every purchase made on our official website accumulates shopping credits, with each credit equivalent to one New Taiwan Dollar. The maximum redemption rate is up to 5% of the total amount.

For detailed usage regulations, please click here.



  ❍  Shipping & Delivery Fees  ❍

OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY offers global delivery. However, some areas could not be delivered due to the pandemic situation. Shipping fees for different regions are subjected to the price after check out. Since all products are made to order, delivery time varies according to the production time.


• Product Repairment:40-45 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Customized products:25 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• Bespoked Fine Jewellery:30-40 working days, starting from every other Monday.
• urgent order:3-5 working days, starting from every other Monday.

• Splitting Orders: We do not accept free order splitting. If order splitting is required, it will be considered as two separate orders for calculating shipping fees and issuing invoices.


For more details please click here




 ❍ Wear and Care Instructions 

OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY is a handmade fine jewellery brand. We take each jewellery design seriously from zero to one, gemstones are carefully selected by ourselves, and the production of each jewellery piece is strictly examined. After we hand over the jewellery piece to customers with all our hearts, we also require customer's good care and maintenance in order to prolong the lifetime of the jewellery.
If you wish to keep your jewellery looking new, please read the wear and care tips we edited for you. 


❍ Return Policy 

OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY after-sales service please click here.


❍ Ring Size Measurement Guide and Chart 

All our rings can be customized and resized, whether one inch more or less, they can match your wearing habits. Easy to measure at home. To find out your best ring size, simply use a ruler, a pen, and paper. For more details please click here.



❍ About Materials 


OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY uses natural semi-gemstones and metallic materials. All the materials are selected by the designer Olivia in person. Through the design and development, inlay pondering, matching experiments processes, it transformed into daily wearable fine jewellery. Welcome to Read and find out more about the metallic materials and natural gemstones we use.



❍ Gift Wrapping 

Make every moment worthwhile because we care, from jewellery pieces to gift wrapping in your hands. OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY provides free gift-wrapping services, you may request an all-purpose hot stamping gift card, either to write a personal message or leave a designated message to express your feelings.