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How to pick gifts for your girlfriend within budget? These jewellery pieces are both valuable and romantic!

Want to give a gift that reaches the heart?

When it comes to giving gifts, compared to practical and thoughtful everyday items, most people can't resist jewellery, which also conveys heartfelt intentions! However, if you're not familiar with jewellery, you may worry about overspending or not hitting the budget accurately, right? Now, follow OYJ and see together, this time, preparing gifts will be joyful and satisfying to give!

 / Under USD 700 / It will allow the wearer to shine brilliantly.

Whether for special occasions or to commemorate precious moments, it represents eternal love and cherished memories. With dazzling gemstones and elegant designs, OYJ jewellery captures every wonderful moment in life, becoming a symbol of eternity.

 / Around USD 400 / Classic and charming.

With OYJ's exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design, whether celebrating special moments, expressing emotions, or simply adding to a collection, this piece of jewellery represents beautiful memories and value.

/ Below USD 400 / Simple and exquisite.

An elegant choice that showcases taste, paired with various gemstones like pearls and jade, not only exquisite but also sparkling, wearing it will also affectionately express love for her.

/ Available for USD 200 / Satisfying different tastes and needs.

Within this price range, it's more affordable, with several classic designs from OYJ that are versatile, whether for everyday wear or special occasions, they greatly complement one's style.

/ Entry-level starting from USD 100 / Try out a wearing experience you've never had before.

For friends who are new to the world of jewelry & lightweight jewellery, this price range can serve as a starting point, allowing you to experience the beauty and ingenious design of lightweight jewellery for the first time.