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|December Birthstone|Tanzanite: The Rising Star of the Jewellery World

Tanzanite, as the birthstone for December, captures the quietude of a winter starry sky. Its vibrant purple-blue hue is the most distinctive color of this gemstone, making Tanzanite one of the easiest gemstones to pair with others.

Found only beneath the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, East Africa, large-carat Tanzanites are believed to possess an energy that aids in self-discovery. As the seasons turn and winter approaches, let the brilliance of Tanzanite paint surprising colors into the winter days.

▎How to Differentiate Tanzanite and Sapphire

When it comes to deep blue gemstones, people often think of sapphires and tanzanite. The color blue evokes a sense of tranquility and happiness, known for its soothing effect on the soul.

These two gemstones not only have completely different mineral structures but also differ significantly in color, clarity, and characteristics.

Firstly, sapphires exhibit a purer blue color, with the highest grade of color known as "royal blue." Tanzanite, on the other hand, displays trichroism, meaning it shows more vibrant colors when viewed from different angles: apart from the subdued blue, there are also elegant purple hues.

In terms of clarity, sapphires often contain more inclusions within the crystal, while tanzanite tends to have cleaner interiors. Additionally, tanzanite is more likely to be found in large-carat sizes compared to sapphires, which generally have smaller rough stones. Each gemstone is nature's creativity, and through these gemstones, we often experience the colorful and diverse beauty of the Earth.

▎The Truly Versatile Superstar

Tanzanite is nature's most versatile and colorful kaleidoscope. Its rare trichroism means that it can exhibit blue, purple, or even red hues depending on the viewing angle. This vibrant quality makes it one of the most versatile gemstones.

Looking closely at OYJ's custom jewelry series, tanzanite truly shines as a versatile superstar. Paired with delicate morganite, it transforms into a brilliant Monet water lily; complemented by pearls, it evokes the vitality of the deep blue sea; combined with serene emeralds, it becomes a refreshing breeze from a summer forest.

Tanzanite embodies beauty from different angles, much like OYJ's diverse creativity, showcasing different facets in every setting and unlocking more possibilities.

▎Tanzanite at Sunset

When you see this pair of gemstone earrings, are you drawn to their graceful and balanced design, or do you admire the four sparkling gemstones themselves?

The owner of this piece, Miss Z, is a girl who loves vintage style. She entrusted her collection of tanzanite to Olivia, hoping to have a pair of earrings customized. Upon seeing the blue-purple tones of these two tanzanites, Olivia suggested pairing them with pink morganite for a contrasting design, set in rose gold to highlight the rich colors of these four gemstones. The final effect is an interplay of orange-pink and purple-blue hues, resembling the sunset reflected on the sea, serene yet powerful.

What appears to be a simple design becomes captivating due to the complementary colors. Perhaps in everyone's heart, there is a desire for a sunset that blooms. It inspires us that amidst long workdays, wearing beautiful jewellery can be a journey for the soul

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