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Bespoke Wedding Rings

Commorate an important day in your life with a piece of jewelry. Find a one-of-a-kind gift for the most important person in your life.
1.6 ct Emerald-cut diamond engagement ring 
Crafted for two years with utmost care and attention to detail, this engagement ring is truly special. The initials of the bride is 'M'. The simple lines of the ring hides the symbol in the ring - can you spot it?
Customizing a Mountain
Mountain climbing is a shared interest between Miss S and her fiance. Although their initial goal was to design a pink sapphire and blue sapphire wedding ring, the idea of designing a theme based on mountains as a pair of rings quickly became a consensus.
They selected a thin rose-cut diamond as the mountain ridge, and the triangular diamond on the men's ring resembles the male owner's favorite 'Mount Dabajian'. 
A Lifetime Unchanged Promise 
A guest from Hong Kong requested OYJ to design her wedding ring, which must be practical for daily wear at work.
The women's ring features a three-dimensional ribbon of small round and step-cut diamonds, with delicate three-degree curved surfaces that increase the ring's depth. The ribbon is set with diamonds at every angle, with different cut shapes reflecting different radiance.
The men's ring is themed with a wrapped ribbon, with a matte brushed surface on the front, presenting a resolute and minimalist texture.
Ten-Year Anniversary Couple Rings
After being married for 10 years, they chose to design their ten-year anniversary couple rings at OYJ Salon. The rings were designed based on the initials of their names, W & M. The ring for the woman was decorated with pink diamonds to represent her lively and romantic personality, while the man's ring was designed with a simple stripe to represent his neat and delicate character. 
Cat-themed Wedding Rings
Their shared love for cats brought them closer together. We knew right then that cats would be the key element in their story. However, incorporating cats into the design of the rings presented a challenge for the designer, as they wanted to avoid making the rings too cute or overly literal.
Olivia placed the lines that symbolize cat paws on the side of the rings, allowing space for the gemstone on the front. From the front, the rings appear simple and classic with a twisted design, but with a slight turn, the designer's subtle touches are revealed.
Sapphire Engagement Ring
Before the 19th century, ruby and sapphire were the preferred gemstones for nobles to customize their wedding rings, and sapphire, with its calm and profound aura, was the most beloved.
Capturing the elegance of the classics with a classic design, we specially designed a symmetrical placement of ladder diamonds in a cross shape. This not only creates a contrast in the shine, but also brings a more solemn atmosphere to the ring through the harmonious symmetry.

Naturally as if it was destined


J and W were friends from church, and their love for each other felt like it was meant to be. The engagement ring features a 44-point heart-shaped diamond, surrounded by interwoven branches and leaves. The groom's ring has a simple design with a broad curved shape, resembling tree branches, and is set with a green gemstone to represent the connection between their lives.
The beauty of rough diamond
The women's ring is crafted from hand-forged 18K gold, contrasting the simple and wild nature of the uncut diamond. Upon closer inspection, five diamonds of varying colors, some leaning towards gray while others green, are ingeniously arranged in an arc, each with its own personality. The men's ring has simple brushed lines that give off a solid and dignified yellow gold texture, with a simple and elegant uncut diamond.

Lasting memorial for the two

Miss L and I have been good friends since we were in the same university class, and she, who came from a music background, has fair and delicate features that always make her appear lovely. When designing the ring, we incorporated the rhythm of music, three rose gold arcs that seem to jump in unison, like three notes on a music score, sweetly accompanying her throughout her happy life.
Embracing the twists and turns of fate
With the help of a OYJ consultant, the bride chose the Provence Haute series, which brings French elegance and simplicity with its plant branch design, capturing the image of spring blossoms and the lushness of all things. The groom's ring had the existing design enhanced with a surface treatment of handcrafted hammering by the master craftsman, adding a tree-like texture to the white gold and giving it a touch of the customer's own style and handmade warmth.
A lifetime gift for oneself
Apart from the thoughtfulness of the giver, the reason that gifts make people happy is the anticipation of surprise, which always leaves people with fond memories.A lifetime commitment is a decision that lasts a lifetime, and the moment of making that decision is an unforgettable memory.
Only after untying the ribbon did I realize that you are the gift of my lifetime.
Caring throughout life's journey
No matter how lost one may feel about the future, when love comes, it can make everything feel new again. For them, the timing of meeting each other was just right. Just like the diamond.The natural diamonds are unique, and the setting technique is breathtaking. Only with perfect coordination in every aspect can a perfect and brilliant wedding ring be created.
Tailor-made dream wedding rings
This lovely couple searched through various wedding ring brands but couldn't find the ideal design until they discovered that Olivia Yao Fine Jewellery Salon could tailor-make dream wedding rings.
They each chose a ruby and a sapphire as the main stones for their rings. As Virgos, they and the brand's designer paid great attention to details, confirming every angle of the ring's design multiple times, hoping to create a practical and unique style.
Jade Dragon Jadeite Couple Rings
The client who ordered the couple rings specified that they wanted to draw inspiration from the jade dragons of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. To connect with ancient Chinese culture through jade, Olivia chose to use lighter and more transparent ice jadeite for the ring body. The jadeite jade circles are split in half, with one half for each person, representing their unique other half. To accommodate the male client's desire to wear the ring as a necklace while exercising, a clever design was added to include a rotating dragon head that can be adjusted to become a pendant. 

Create a memory for the dazzling decade

The women's ring features 9 gemstones, and combined with the blue sapphire on the men's ring, there are a total of 10 gemstones, commemorating the 10th year together.

The teardrop-shaped pink diamond is connected to 4 small diamonds on each side, and the two lines are intertwined to form a rose golden mini crown. The men's ring features a minimalist and understated style, with curved elements and a concave and matte surface treatment to create a layered effect on the ring body.

Accompanying you through different stages of life

OYJ office received a touching message from a client one day, she said: "Every girl is like a pearl, unique and has her own radiance, but delicate and fragile, requiring careful nurturing. Thank you, Olivia, for designing this piece that surrounds the pearl with four strong and eye-catching gemstones - the ruby symbolizes fiery passion, the sapphire brings peace and good luck, the diamond is unbreakable, and the pink sapphire, like a partner who will guard me tightly, brightens and dispels loneliness."

A marriage life like a butterfly dancing gracefully

When this couple arrived at OYJ for their custom wedding ring consultation, they began telling their love story in a delicate and heartfelt manner, occasionally exchanging knowing glances and smiles. They were such a lovely couple.

Their wedding rings are made up of brightly colored diamonds and rubies, forming a heart shape along the curves of the rings. The lines perfectly overlap, symbolizing their harmonious understanding of each other. The man's strong and warm hand gently overlaps with the woman's, as they look forward to a future filled with happiness and lightness, just like the graceful dance of a butterfly.

A perfect match

The customer came to the OYJ salon hoping to redesign their wedding ring. With the consultant's recommendation, they added the woman's birthstone, sapphire, and redesigned it into a double stone ring.

The design focus of the ring is actually on the side details. The intertwined ring shank connects the two almost contrasting gemstones together, just like the male and female protagonists with completely different personalities who complement each other perfectly. Despite their completely different radiance, they shine on each other.

Customize a unique ring

To customize a unique ring, the customer went to OYJ salon for two discussions. In the first discussion, they brainstormed using the styles and gemstones of the rings in the store and ultimately confirmed the birthstone as the main stone for the wedding ring.

In the second discussion, they discussed the overall ring design and gemstone placement, and they chose their favorite details from ring style pictures.

From discussion to completion, it only took 6 weeks, and the finished product made the customer very satisfied. It is a one-of-a-kind ring in the world!

Long-lasting blessings

At the moment when we send out the customized wedding rings, we silently cheer for the owners of the rings, especially for the engagement rings (the customization process must be kept completely confidential, and we usually feel very nervous about it).

When we receive the message from the customer saying 'She said YES!', we are truly touched. We are honored to play such an important supporting role in your new phase of life.

Every turning point leads to a wonderful life 

This is the concept discussed by the designer and the couple, full of their hope for the future and a steadfast commitment. The main stone is meant to be set in the dancing seams like a ribbon, while the step-cut diamonds next to the main stone represent the bright spots hidden in every turning point of life. The small space between each diamond flashes with a warm light, and the design is durable and safe for everyday wear.

The step-cut diamonds arranged along the ring body increase the smoothness of the lines, creating a rhythmic image of walking step by step, echoing the theme of a life full of ups and downs and ultimately achieving completeness.

Keeping each other in heart, giving unconditional love

Looking at it from a side angle, they resemble two hands or wings interlocking with each other. The irregular curved lines create a distorted sense of symmetry and make it look like a heart shape with a big circle in the middle. This symbolizes the idea of holding each other in their hearts and leaving the maximum space for each other in their hearts, as well as giving each other unconditional love.

The ring creates a double-layered visual by setting the diamonds in the seam on the side, representing that if two hearts want to achieve synchronicity and overlap, they need immense patience and communication. The essence of communication is like the shining diamonds, becoming the highlight of each other's lives.

Her Smile, His Heart: A Tale of Love and the Sea

He said, "She loves the sea the most, always melting his heart with her free-spirited smile."

Transforming the ring band into gentle waves, it surrounds his deep affection for her, spreading the imagery of the ocean that they both deeply cherish, intertwined and enduring, becoming the custom-made wedding ring of the happy couple.

Only give you the best fruit in the future life

The design features a circular ring setting adorned with rubies and pink sapphires in a gradient pattern, with accents of blue sapphires, creating a colorful bubble-like effect that encircles a 2.13-carat round brilliant diamond. 

These red and pink gemstones are like the sweetest fruits, and by wearing them for you, it represents that in the future, I will only give you the best fruits.

The lovers separated by distance bridges the gap.

The ring leaves a small blank space, connected only by the shining of the diamonds, symbolizing the fearless hearts of each other crossing the distance and relying on each other tightly. The front of the ring flows seamlessly, while the curvature of the side reveals the shape of a heart. The shining metal texture is specially made on the inner circle of the ring, making the couple low-key yet radiant. They will surely be happy together.

Meeting him was the luckiest thing

After more than 10 years of knowing each other, they always searched for love in a sea of people, until this moment when they finally realized that happiness had been right beside them all along. Meeting each other was the luckiest thing that ever happened in their lives. The colorful happiness is depicted in the shape of a lucky clover, forming a circle that represents the perfect life.

The two people tightly held each other's hand this time

The concept of the ring design is based on the personalities of the two individuals, which are sometimes complementary and sometimes similar. The outer surface of the ring maintains natural curves and lines, symbolizing independence and self-preservation, while the other side is engraved with opposites that can fit perfectly together when they meet.

Starting from the diamond embedded on the inside, the numbers 30 in Morse code are quietly arranged in a clockwise manner on the concave-convex side, commemorating the age of walking hand in hand towards the future. This is the closest way to cherish the hard-earned happiness.

Just hope she is happy

Simple love, the most sincere confession of true love, is to want to give everything to you and present a diamond ring to the beloved, hoping that she will smile when she opens the box.




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