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Provence Haute Collection


Provence Haute Collection is the new wedding ring collection launched by OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY. Carrying the simplicity and elegance of the Provence collection, we bring in a noble quality, and transform chance romance into the eternal encounter, as if an angel descends from heaven to offer the most sincere blessings. The next level of instant passion is the elevation of affection and relationship, to a happily ever after.

We carefully select the finest diamonds to match with 18K gold and fabricate the delicate metalwork design rich with southern France aesthetics. The beginning of tomorrow is like a diamond, facing the process of crystallization tempered by nature and time, and is surrounded by the intertwined sprouts and branches design, symbolizing hopes and destiny, to embellish your finger for the future to come. The changes of the seasons in Provence have long been an inspiration to countless artists and creators, reflecting a yearning for better lives; and in us, the chance encounter with you, and every moment we hold hands, are our romantic prayers for eternity.


The graceful design of sophisticated pearls sitting between branches made of minimalist lines, reenvisioned the growth of the woods, with pearls like acorns, drawing a taste of freshness, shyness, and girliness. As the piece presents multiple layers, it also opens up more variety and the possibility to match with different clothing styles.


The inspiration for this collection stems from the unique canopy outlines, embedded with a lone water-droplet-shaped gemstone like a leaf between the branches. The sole leaf is like the most valuable treasure of a tree, and even when hidden in the crowd, you cannot overlook its radiance.