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Mini II Collection


Channelling the full-bloom vitality to decorate the calm daily lives, we created designs to represent intricate tree branches, joined with pearls to portray delicate summer flowers, as if to welcome natural light unto your skin.
The jewellery item pays homage to the beauty of the nature and confidently presents the intimate relationships between nature, jewelry and your form and body.


Born in the desert, the leaf shape of Tillandsia is rough and concave, full of power and beauty. Tillandsia's flower language is "The persistent pursuit of perfection", just like our slogan "Never Settle For Less" - maybe we will never be able to reach the perfect state, but we are always on the road of pursuit. The design of this series emphasizes the individuality of metal itself, trying to present the image of Tillandsia's toughness.

Fern & Vine

Fern is the first series of the Mini Collection. It outlines various shades a woman could possess with the different postures and appearances of plant growth. Ferns' curled and tender leaves bring a touch of mystery and sentiment. Continuing the original multi-circle metal structure of the Fern Series, the design team changed the material of the new series to a higher quality one - silver gold-plated material with a combination of different natural stones to compose a look that fits the everyday style.

Vine is another extension series, showing the strength and personality of women with thick chains. The two series, Fern & Vine, could perfectly match each other while their texture is quite opposite.


Snapdragon is a representation of elegance. The new version of the snapdragon design is made of a higher specification silver gilt material, like a white snapdragon blooming on the chest, keeping all the beauty of nature on the chest forever.

Pennywort & Pod

The mini pennywort has long been regarded as a symbol of luck in the Chinese world.

This series takes the adorable shape of pennywort as the prototype and shapes the white K or sterling silver gold-plated into small organic leaves, which are dexterous and versatile.

The pod is a metaphor for everything that has not yet happened, representing infinite possible life. It is a phase that all the branches and flowers have not yet stretched and are hidden in delicate pearl pods. Each pod is inlaid with a different gemstone, which symbolizes a different meaning of blessing.


The drooping petals of the Fuchsia have been called fairy skirts since ancient times. Compared with the straightforward flower language blessings of other flowers, Fuchsia has a sophisticated one - "Try once more". Too young may not feel it, but from the eyes of some seniors, encouragement in this blessing is so sincere. No matter what state you are in, you have to believe that you have the ability to try once more.