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 Classy by Nature, Stylish by Earclips


No Piercing Needed for Daily Ear Beauty

From now on, earring styles have no bounds!

  From now on, you no longer have to worry about earring styles being restricted. Enjoying beautiful earrings in daily life without piercing. OYJ is making chic options for non-pierced ears, ensuring beauty comes worry-free.

  Let's now enjoy a wide selection of non-pierced ear fashion with OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY!


8/30-9/19  Combo Offer

Selected Earclips & Jewellery Storage
Enjoy NT$300 discount.

Earclips + Jewellery Storage:Show your personal style

  No matter how complex the earclips designs are, they can be neatly stored, making your creative styling moments easy to organize with all options on display.


Two specified jewellery storages in this event.
1. Living in StyleBrass rotating mirror storage box
2. Living in StyleBrass jewellery display stand

  Crafted from polished brass, exuding timeless elegance.


 Earcuff Treasured Gallery

Whispers of Elegance with You

Discount of NT$200
on any selected item.

Elegant Series Ⅰ 

OYJ Classic Swirl

Elegant Series Ⅱ

Pollio Earcuff

Elegant Series 

Versatile Wearing earclips

Choose from selection.