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Pearl Care: ​​​Can I Wear Pearl in the Shower? 
How to Maintain the Luster of Pearl?

In the design of OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY, we exclusively use genuine pearls. Among these pearl collections are the most popular and the first choice of many collectors as lightweight jewellery materials.

We deeply understand that every jewellery enthusiast holds a special sentiment toward pearls. However, when you own pearl jewellery, have you ever thought about how to properly care for them to ensure they maintain their eternal luster? This article aims to provide valuable tips for pearl care, helping your pearl jewellery shine like new.

▎Characteristics and Beauty of Pearls

Pearls are gifts of time and nature, and their luster and quality depend on various factors, including the variety, size, shape, surface quality, and luster of the pearls. Different varieties such as freshwater pearls, South Sea pearls, and Tahitian pearls are renowned for their unique luster. Before understanding how to care for them, it's important to know what pearls are made of. Pearls are composed of shell aragonite and calcite bonded together with organic conchiolin, with the primary material being calcium carbonate. Generally, high-quality pearls have smooth surfaces, abundant luster, and radiate enchanting colors in any light.

▎Can Pearls be Worn in the Shower?

Similar to gold jewellery, many people worry that moisture and water might damage pearls, but in reality, pearls are not afraid of water; they fear chemicals! Genuine pearls, like all-natural products, have organic pores, and because they are primarily composed of calcium carbonate, substances like soap, detergents, and dirt during bathing may affect their luster. Therefore, we don't mind wearing pearls in the shower. If you do wear pearls while bathing, please gently wipe them with a damp soft cloth afterward and let them air dry in a ventilated area. Avoid using a hairdryer or exposing pearls to direct sunlight to prevent excessive heat from damaging them.

▎Three Things You Should Never Do to Pearls

While pearls can be worn in everyday life, there are three important things you should avoid: Avoid contact with chemicals: Pearls are highly sensitive to acidic and alkaline substances, so they should be kept away from cosmetics, perfumes, or cleaning agents to prevent damage to their surface. Stay away from hard objects: Despite having smooth surfaces, pearls are relatively fragile in terms of hardness. Avoid collisions with hard objects to prevent scratching or piercing the surface of the pearls. Avoid exposure to sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause pearls to discolor or lose their luster, so they should be shielded from direct sunlight.

▎How to Maintain the Luster of Pearls?

When storing pearls without wearing them, you should individually place pearl jewellery in soft cloth pouches or ziplock bags to prevent them from rubbing against other jewellery with higher hardness. Additionally, avoid storing pearls in excessively humid environments for prolonged periods to preserve their luster.

By carefully nurturing your pearl jewellery, it will continue to shine brightly. At OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY, we are committed to providing high-quality pearl designs crafted with excellent craftsmanship to ensure your jewellery continues to radiate beauty. If you have any maintenance needs, our consultant team is always available to assist you with after-sales care services.

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