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​The Débutante

European balls inspire elegant jewelry collection.


Inspired by European aristocratic social balls, a new fine custom jewelry collection is launched.


"The Débutante", which originally means the ballroom party where European aristocrats debut at the beginning of their adulthood, is the brand's first high - end custom jewelry exhibition. It reflects all the wonder fulness that has gone through 10 years since the barnd ’ s establishment, and present it in a comprehensive way.


For Olivia Yao, Britain is not only the birthplace of her jewelry skills, but its magnificent and rich cultural history have always been an important muse of inspiration. The glamour of various English social balls deeply attracted Olivia ’ s attention.


With a total of 19 pieces of jewelery are on display, the design of the entire exhibition area revolves around The Débutante series is inspired by elements such as the ribbons on the ball gawn dresses and the flowers and plants in the manor.


As one enter the exhibition area, walls of romantic gauze curtains, conveying the brand's modern and elegant style, are the first to be seem. Then walking to the main exhibition area on the second floor, there is an gemstone garden inspired by the central garden in the European ball. It displays the unique process of transforming raw stone into dazzling and moving jewelery by the hand of great craftsmen.

In order to integrate the gemstones into the soft cur ves of the designs, Olivia spent nearly two years on mastering the channel setting skill: cutting each diamond at the perfect angle and using a large number of channel gemstones completed her vision of fluid movements on jewelery. The difficulty with this technology was that the diamonds must be cut into a corresponding trapezoidal shape according to the curvature of the jewelry. If the angle is slightly off, the lines of the ribbon will not be perfect, witch means each diamond needs to be professionally al tered differently. The works in the exhibition also used a variety of precious colored gemstones, including emeralds, rubies, aquamarines, opals, paraipa tourmalines, Jedi spinels and fancy cut diamonds. The combination of stone and precious metal craftsma nship highlighted the sculpture and vitality of these art pieces.



The Sophisticated

Emerald Ribbon Double Finger Ring


This work is the center piece of "The Débutante". Made from Colombia's finest Vivid Green emerald, the color of the gemstone is rare, bright and saturated. Olivia Yao aimed to outline the calm and elegant characteristic of emerald in this design. In addition to being used as a ring, the ribbon part can also be transformed int o a necklace. Olivia Yao uses this set of designs to present her ideal embodiment of an elegant but unconventional lady from awell - known family, mature and smart.


Emerald: emerald cut, GRS certificate, Colombia, very slight oil, 0.88 ct, 5.89* 5.55* 4. 78 mm

Diamond: 1.578ct



The Enlightened

Emerald Ribbon Earrings



An earring with four emeralds in different shapes. The movable pendant allows the wearer to show elegant movement when walking around. Olivia Yao imagined this design to be like a woman who lights up the party as soon as she appe ars on the stage. With her charm and natural social skills, she is born to be the star of parties.



Emerald: 2.53ct

With: white diamond 0.713ct / yellow diamond 0.097ct / emerald 0.105ct / sapphire 0.309c



The Laurel

Emerald necklace and earrings



The image of laurels always appears through Olivi a Yao's design. The main gemstone being pear shaped emeralds, are embellished with brown and yellow diamonds. This elegant combination represents a contemporary laurel that symbolizes wisdom and glory. Olivia Yao uses this set of jewelery to represent mode rn women who are confident and full of joy.



Emerald: Pear shape, 2.17ct

Others: Brown diamond 0.213ct/ Yellow diamond 0.31ct




The Dewy Eyed

Aquamarine Diamond Earrings


Aquamarine, with its clear blue color similar to the ocean, is the sweetest member of the beryl family. It is also the perfect gemstone for expressing youth. This pair of earrings layers well - proportioned aquamarines in different sizes with channel - s et diamonds. They may look delicate and cute, but also extremely challenging in terms of craftsmanship. Olivia Yao uses this set of designs to represent the women with innocent and romantic nature. The pure blue is like a girl's dewy eyes that are not affe cted by the world.


Aquamarine: pear - shaped brilliant, 1.89ct

Diamond: 0.25ct





The Pure

Padparadscha Ribbon Necklace



It is perfect to use “ Padparadscha ” tourmaline that are named after lotus flower to interpret purity in jewelery. This necklace brilliantly uses padparadscha and aquamarine to create a pure and elegant quality.



Aquamarine: 2.02ct

Padparadscha: 0.53ct

Diamond: 0.756ct



The Dreamy

Water Opal Cloud Neon Earrings


In Olivia Yao's mind, Mexican water opals are always associated with the ever - changing sky: transparent , with a beautiful play of colors. Compared to the popular fire opal, water opal has a lighter brilliance. The dizzying rainbow effect makes this piece revealing beautiful colors when viewed from different angles, depicting a confusing and sentimental atmosphere. Olivia Yao uses this set of designs to represent a wise but sensitive woman who is often caught in her thoughts.


Right: Diamond: 0.34ct/Coloredsapphire: 0.25ct

Left: Diamond: 0.66ct/Colored sapphire: 0.28ct



The Radiant

Art Nouveau Opal Ring



Inspired by the r adial patterns that are often used in the Art Nouveau style, Olivia Yao harmoniously combines corundum and diamonds of the same color scheme but different brillance, presenting a dazzling dynamic effect.



Opal: 15ct

Others: pink corundum 0.42ct / orange cor undum 0.35ct / pink diamond 0.13ct / white diamond 0.12ct



The Wistful Necklace

Emerald and Sapphire Long Necklace and Earrings



Using two kinds of gemstones, jadeite and sapphire, this piece of jewelery reflects a combination of east and west aesthetics. The inspiration of the long chain is a extension of the brand ’ s early Kadath style, presen ting a mysterious sense of nihility , like taking a walk in the mist.



Sapphire : 2.05ct

Others : sapphire 2.19ct / white cabochon jadeite 2.14ct / diamond 0.15ct



The Forbearing Ring

Queen Anne's Lace Diamond Double - Finger Ring



This piece of works uses diamonds to depict flawless and lush Queen Anne's Lace . This particular type of flowers is an important European memory for Olivia Yao when she was studying in the UK. Queen Anne's Lace were grown in the most of European gardens wherever she looked. Legend has it that the lace made by Queen Anne is famous for its beauty. And because of its relationship with the mother of a country, the flower also symbolizes tolerance and protection.


Diamond: Rose cut, 3.78ct

Others: small diam ond 0.561ct / drop diamond 0.18ct



The Stately

Cornflower Sapphire Ring


This ring is the twin sister of the Blossom Sapphire Ring. Using sapphire and yellow diamonds to imitate the budding stage of the flower. The cornflower - colored sapphire is lively yet solemn. Its structure is as symmetrical and elegant as a royal crown, with brown and yellow diamonds below to create natural fullness. Olivia Yao uses this work to praise every independent and intelligent soul, who all deserve a crown.


Sapphire: 2.02ct

Others: rose - cut yellow diamond 1.62ct / coffe e diamond 0.07ct



The Thrived

Flower Sapphire Ring


This art piece is the twin sister of the Cornflower Sapphire Ring. It is set with sapphires of different colors, that are interlaced to show the changing colors of a blooming bud. It takes skill to properly match sapphires of different colors to achieve a harmonious effect.


Orange sapphire: 2.51ct

Others : round brilliant sapphire 1.35ct / rose cut sapphire 3.41ct / small sapphire 1.029ct



The Gleamed

Paraiba Ribbon Necklace



The rare Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline ’ s neon blue mekes a srong impression to all . Since the discovery of this gemtstone , it took a very short time for it to become a popular star in the jewelry industry. The high - quality Paraibas are extremely rare. Oli via Yao set Paraibas in lively curves, as the ribbon necklace represents a woman who are fresh and sweet.



Paraipa : emerald cut, 6x4.23mm, 0.49ct



The Untamed

Pigeon Blood Ruby and Spinel Ring


Only the rubies that have vivid and srong red colours can be named “ Pigeon Blood ”. The center gemstone of this ring is a natural, untreated pigeon blood red ruby from Mozambique, which exudes excellent fire. Pairing with the unique red fluorescence of the Jedi spinel, this flower with its layers of vivid red, showing unyielding vitality to the world. Olivia Yao dedecate this design to women who are cheerful and open - minded, with strong will to control their own destiny.


Ruby: Pear shaped brilliant, Mozambique, no treatment, pigeon blood red, 1.59ct

Spinel: Burma, Jedi Red , 1.37ct


OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY was founded in the UK in 2013. It integrates a variety of unique natural gemstones with customized services and multi - wearing designs to create the most unique jewelry collection for every jewelry lover. In 2020, the signature style wa s extended to create the high - end custom jewelry series brand OLIVIA YAO FINE JEWELLERY SALON. Since then, jewelry services such as custom jewelry and old pieces redesign have been launched. Chief designer Olivia Yao has successively created many customize d jewelery works from her passion for jewelery.


On the occasion of the brand's tenth anniversary, OLIVIA YAO FINE JEWELLERY held its first two - day haute couture jewelry exhibition in Taipei. Through this event, it presented the brand's growth and transf ormation process in the past ten years, interweaving infinite possibilities, and The passion and attitude towards natural gemstones continues to shine.


You can now make an appointment with OLIVIA YAO FINE JEWELLERY for consultation.