利用簡潔的金屬線條組成空間,輕輕將磁鐵 Click 就能讓穿戴這件事擁有更多自主性,在造型上從具體一直延伸到抽象,幾何、圓弧到光影轉折。: 之前是妳,有了妳才有了故事,紀錄的不只是朝夕相處的情感,更是因為創造出只屬於妳的契合。

Reinterpreting how accessories composed a design and styling scope, Space Collection, constituted by simple metal bars, expands from concrete lines to representation of geometrical shapes, arcs and shades, and even abstract concepts, only to be completed with an easy click of the magnetic clip, to render you the power and autonomy to determine your mode.

Space Collection: you are the center of all manifestation. As the accessories resemble the traces and emotions of every moment, all the design crafts and pieces create a stage to complete you.