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Neutral Y Collection


To Olivia Yao, genderless designs render the right of defining style to the person who wears them. With this concept in mind, Olivia creates the Neutral Y collection, a collection assembles cuban chain, snake chain, and various nature stones to create multiple styles.
The brand invites the young music creator LINION to embody the design concept. The works utilizes metal collage and weaving technique to product the unique design. Since the flexibility of respective materials are various, every piece of Neutral Y Collection can only be produced through handmade process. Although the overall production time becomes longer , it delivers the one and only uniqueness.


Unison, which means simultaneous performance in pitch, symbolize the relationship of the two main material of this series, cuban chain and snake chain. Although with different metal flexibility, the two material could harmoniously articulate with the assistance of handmade technique. The whole series could crave letter on the snake chiain surface, presenting your own character in style.


Chord might not be the main character under the spotlight, but could add beautiful layers to the music. In Neutral Y Collection, the stunning jewel chains act the role as chord.
They could be wear with itself alone, but could also be accompanied with different metal chains to make your look more stylish. We carefully select the finest pearl, pink opal,  hematite, obsidian, chrysoprase to this collection. Grab one of them to complete your look. 

Note could be a light and graceful, but they are also possible to be strong and firm. Note is a series that uses chain as a metaphor. The series represents different character of music - it might be a wild chain ring, or an elegant daily earring. No matter which style you are cling to, it is a voice that belongs you.


With silky curve in vision, string series brings us am image alike string music. The curve design is the most difficult part of the ring. Designer has to think throughly about how it's going to be present on hand in reality, and gently fits every finger.