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Musée Edition



The Art-inspired Musée Edition reinterprets the OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY Original series with multicultural art, architectural history, and mythology. 
A trip to Europe gave rise to the Musee edition.  Olivia Yao was inspired when she discovered the Foundation of Faith through the dome and columns in The Pantheon, when she recognized the color of time between the Impressionism shadow and light, and when she echoed with the hidden desire underneath The Kiss by Klimt.



As the goddess of spring walks through the field of fertility, the golden dome and arcade glitter in the twilight. The streamlined metal strokes, blends classical and modern aesthetics, with pearls woven in and moonstones intertwined.


Asteria, the goddess of starry nights in Greek mythology, is surrounded by countless round white pearls, manifesting the heavenly evening sky, shining brightly only for you.


Leto, the goddess of the dark nights in Greek mythology, composed and firm, representing strength and fearlessness, is shown with pearls with a light purple luster, demonstrating a calm charm.

Pleione | Maia | Hesper | Pollio



Imitating how the flowers unfold, with such elegance at dawn, and gorgeousness at dusk, the woven wreath design stretches out in different directions, with gemstones rolling between the pearls, gracing the piece with exquisite and refined beauty.


Cybele | Varuna

The weaved pearls intertwined under the dome represent the goddess of nature and abundance. The collection simplified the symbol of plentifulness into carved outlines, making the design soft, free-flow, and romantic.