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Ms Y Collection



Ms. Y never gives up on any chances to explore the possibilities, strike a balance between artistry and practice, and realize a Utopia in her designs. Through the plethora of repetition, the pearls, signifying femininity, sauntered through the chains and grids, as if dash-like punctuation that breaks the boundaries of gender barriers. We pioneered in unique electroplating technique to cast gradients on handmade jewelry, shading from silver to gold, and from matte to polishes.

With this collection, you can effortlessly display unique tastes through the layers that integrate with various dressing styles. Sew your yearnings, dreams, and ideals into each layer of your versatile dressing styles. There is no right or wrong, and no gender differences, as long as you show the true self of who you really are.



Ouroboros (Greek: οὐροβόρος) is an ancient emblem handed down for centuries, symbolizing eternal cycle of destruction and regeneration, and usually depicted as a snake head-in-mouth, circled up, half in the light and half in the dark. In alchemical cosmology, the universe is a circular structure, and the Ouroboros represents a contradictory state of perfection, simulatenously convergent and opposite, every so clear and yet so vague.


The chain symbol, representing the interference of magnetic waves, entwined with the purity and flawlessness of the pearls, and they interlaced into a net of gentleness and tenderness, enveloping our immaturity and imperfection, that shined in the journey of time.


A spinoff from the brand's classic, Swirl collection, Ms. Y combines metal and gemstones, creating a neat and graceful style without any redundancy, and dangles harmoniously on the ear. This is the special new edition designed for those without pierced ears, a painless, effortless and easy-to-wear option , suitable for daily wear.

Lune | Demiline

Inspired by the lunar cycle and how the light and the shadow change phases, Ms. Y proportioned the combination of gemstones and metal precisely, and curved the arcs on each side to complement each other, accentuating the division between the light and the darkness.


In alchemy, the Ouroboros is a spell with the power to purify. It is a dramatic symbol that can either unify or assimilate the opposites; and through the process of synthesis and formation of identity, one would ultimately be rewarded with immortality.