Essence Collection



Essence Collection 以本質的探討為中心,取亞里斯多德對於形上學的定義「存在之為存在(being as being)」這哲學史中最久遠的題目之一為議題,並以創作為答。

在因為疫情而被迫轉換的日常中,我們望向生活甚至於面對自身行為的眼皆有了不一樣的視野。如此的時空背景下,Olivia Yao 以本質為出發,將新系列「Essence」的重點回到材質的探討-金工可能的形式以及飾品跟身題間的互動。

Essence 系列透過珠寶與金屬不同材質間的拼貼,發展出有機的線條感來與身體貼合地互動,每件作品結構看似精簡,卻反而是極大限度地挑戰金工原有的規格限制,賦予單件作品獨一無二的多元配戴性,突破市面上輕珠寶的既定形式。本系列特別邀請現代舞者林祐如來詮釋作品中的身體性,同時希望藉舞蹈作為人行動的一種感性本能,傳遞品牌近一年的感悟:「唯有持續地行動和創作,才能持續地積累生命的本質。」


Essence Collection takes you on a journey to the soul, as we explore the eternal topic in philosophy, Aristotle's definition of metaphysics as "being as being", and answer with the design creation.

As the pandemic has urged us to change our routines, our lives and behaviors are also put in a different light. Under the circumstances, Olivia Yao returned to the fundamentals and launched the new collection "Essence", to explore various design materials, the probable applications of metalwork, and how accessories interact with the body and presentation. 

Through the collage of different jewellery and metals, the Essence collection develops a series of organic lines to interact intimately with the body. Despite the simple structure, each piece is unique and versatile, and challenged the specs and limits of traditional metalwork, breaking conventional builds of light jewelry on the market. We also invited modern dance performer, Lin You Rulai, to reinterpret the physicality of this collection.

Through dance moves articulating the perceptual instinct, we presented our revelation from the past year: "Only by continuous creation and movements, can we incessantly accumulate the essence of life."





Moirae 篇章名稱來自掌管世間生命線的三女神,是 Essence 系列的前奏曲,奏起生命初始的樂章。

Named after the three goddesses who oversee the fates of man on earth, the chapter, Moirae, is the prelude to the Essence collection, performing the first movement that tells the beginning of life.

The metal twists on one hand represent how fate and relationships of man intertwined, and on the other illustrate a baby in the womb, curled up around the pearl, expressing restrained yet powerful imagery.


Hermes 篇章名稱來自代表溝通與交際的神祇,生命存在的豐盈和變化很大一部分仍源於與他人之間的交流。




The chapter, Hermes, is named after the god of communications, seeing that our sense of fulfillment largely relies on interaction with others. A versatile design with parallelled metal beads is featured in this chapter.

While metallic elements bear strong character, they also show a sophisticated, refreshing finishing touch when matched with pearls and the natural curve of the body.

Each of the works is versatile, with more than two ways to wear them, and hence opened up the great potential for the collection.


Tyche 是機運的女神,機運如海洋上的浮沫美麗不可測,卻會是生命中盛大的轉折。


Tyche, the goddess of chances, is as beautiful and unpredictable as the foam on the ocean while bringing forth the grand turning point in life.

The pieces in this chapter feature sheet metal, resembling the texture of the sea surface, with pearls floating on the waves, creating a gorgeous fashion.



Ananke 是無法遁逃的必然性化身。


Ananke is the personification of the inevitability.

These works in this chapter are composed of squared shapes, yet while rectangular may seem stiff, when paired with smooth pearls, the rigidness and tenderness strike a delicate balance and formed a unique harmony.