Rocxx Collection 


你內心的渴望是天使還是魔鬼? 只要你想要,你內心的渴望是天使也是魔鬼。

Rocxx 系列運用大量的幾何及尖刺線條刻劃女孩心中的搖滾態度,在剛硬的線條之外,又偷偷搭配了柔美的珍珠和迷幻的蛋白石,巧妙融合叛逆搖滾與女孩天生的夢幻甜美。 誰在乎和諧與衝突、天使或魔鬼? Rocxx 只著迷於你/妳,想要的那個樣子。

An angel or a devil, what is your true self underneath the disguise?

If you desire, you can be both angelic and devilish at the same time. Rocxx collection applies geometric and spiky lines to characterize rock’n’roll attitude, and when matching the powerful forms with soft pearls and dreamy opals, we subtly blend rebellious rock spirit with sweet fairytales. Harmony or conflict, angel or devil? It’s all beside the point. Rocxx is only obsessed with who you want to be.