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2023 浿機聯名款式:Back To True Self

Remove time, identity, and definition.

Return to the most authentic self.

About the collaboration concept

In this collaboration, OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY and Pupupepe co-designed seven pieces of jewelry featuring natural pearls and round stones. During the initial concept discussion, we originally hoped to invite Pupupepe to convey the idea of possibilities hidden within women through their multifaceted lifestyles. "But I want to talk about how I always maintain my true self," said Pupupepe.

The real self is like a natural raw stone. With various shapes and lovable personalities that are particularly eye-catching when simply adorned. With this idea in mind, we carefully selected several raw stones and irregular pearls, which are simple yet perfect for the lightness of summer. Even in ordinary daily life, they are suitable as a part of your outfit, allowing you to maintain your unique style in simplicity.

Gemstone Necklace

Pearl represents nobility, garnet represents confidence, green chalcedony represents stability, and ruby represents passion. Choose your wish, with the Promise series you can also customize the engraving with your unique blessings

Faith Bracelet and True Self Earrings

Made with a material similar to medieval chainmail, the Armor series gives metal both the hard and the soft property at the same time. Its design can be wrapped into any desired shape, reminding oneself to always maintain uniqueness.

The True Self earrings feature an extremely minimal and pure line design, using a delicate and translucent gemstone pearl to present a sparkling and delicate effect on the ears.