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Luisant Collection
Time makes ​the Diamond


The dazzling brilliance of a diamond comes from high temperature and high pressure and is polished and refined over time. 

As the quote goes: Time makes ​the carbon diamond. 

OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY has chosen diamond as the representative gemstone for the 10th anniversary because we believe that time is the greatest strength to create the beauty of diamonds.

Inside each of us is a child who once was youthful and fearless, exploring the unknown with courage. By unlocking life's challenges, we continually push the boundaries of what we can do. From perseverance and fighting for life, until learning how to let go and embrace tolerance. Pressure and time nurture brilliance, the shine like a diamond comes from a resilient heart.

Every moment exists to transcend oneself.

OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY combines exquisite craftsmanship with natural gemstones, pursuing unexpected wearing experiences in creating delicate jewelry pieces. Over the decade, from wax carving to metal polishing, the radiance of each piece of jewelry results from the unwavering dedication of designers and goldsmiths.

Guiding beautiful memories and endless unknowns. The multifaceted prism of a diamond radiates brilliance from various angles.

The Luisant collection is divided into four chapters:



The Adamas chapter is named after the Greek word 'Adamas' for 'diamond,' which signifies invincibility and unconquerableness, reflecting OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY‘s brand spirit: Never Settle For Less.

Herkimer quartz is the primary gemstone in Adamas chapter, Herkimer quartz, often referred to as Herkimer diamonds, possesses an almost perfect double-terminated structure, with one tip reaching towards the sky and the other towards the earth. It channels resolute thoughts through the guidance of light towards the universe, embodying bravery and fearlessness.

Part of the pieces retrieved from "The Coronation Collection", combines the soft gradient of woven metals with Herkimer quartz, creating a design that balances strength and gentleness.



The Innovare chapter is named from the Latin, and means the path of innovation. In the development of jewelry history, skilled artisans invented various cutting techniques for splitting diamonds, continuously achieving creative breakthroughs.

OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY has been constantly experimenting with breaking the conventional specifications of jewelry, daring to explore various wearing styles. While exploring, it also focuses on wearing itself, making jewelry more skin-friendly to the curves of the human body, becoming a part of the body. In this chapter's work, OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY remodeled the most iconic symbol: soft, curved metal inspired by the elusive and dreamlike moments of water ripples on the sea's surface. These graceful curves can be seen dripping from earlobes and fingertips, forming elegant arcs that are simple yet worthy of savoring repeatedly.



The concept of the "Tie" chapter is derived from the reason why diamonds are so hard, which lies in the tightly bonded atoms, forming the most perfect and indestructible structure in the world.

Just as OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY's achievements over the past decade have been accumulated through the efforts of every colleague, customer, and partner, The inspiration for this chapter's work is extracted from the imagery of knots. Through the intertwining of metal cords and tiny pearls, it presents the classic image of the Lover's Knot. Symbolizing OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY's deep emotional connection to friends on the journey of mutual growth, like a knot tightly holding each other's hands.