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Living in Style

Capturing Your Moments in Jewellery Boxes  


Every treasured jewellery holds a glimpse of your unique journey

A promise, a beautiful moment, or a keepsake from voyages. By preserving them thoughtfully, these precious jewellery become enduring companions.

The collaboration of OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY and FONDAZZA presents the 《 Living in Style 》 collection, redefining the bond between jewellery and curation. It effortlessly intertwines your beloved jewellery into your existence, elegantly embodying your identity and value.


Extend beauty beyond personal style

The《 Living in Style 》 jewellery storage collection redefines the connection between jewellery and collecting. Through seven elegant home decor designs, it encapsulates emotions, treasures, display, and uniqueness. Your beloved jewellery becomes preserved memories, seamlessly blending into your life, adding elegance to your living space.

Featured Combination Ⅰ 

Serene Morning

Featured Combination Ⅱ

Effortless Adventure

Featured Combination Ⅲ

Pocket Memories

Living in Style